Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mixtape Tuesday

My friends Tyler and Kimmie have a precious blog where they post photos and things that inspire them. Today they posted this video of a performance by Feist. I am awe struck! This is so gorgeous and interesting.Thanks so much guys for cluing me into to this!If you're unfamiliar with
La Blogotheque, they make some truly amazing live recordings. Somehow they always seem so personal and intimate, like they're letting you in on a secret. This one of Beirut is a long time favorite.

As an aside, last night I was hanging laundry, and it seems every time I do so I find another one or two items to donate or throw away. Most of them I have known I need to get rid of for a long time, but they are so sentimental I don't want to, like the dress I wore on my 21st birthday. It's a bit too risque, in the sweetest possible way, for me now.  If anyone's interested in taking some hand me downs, let me know. I could save it for future generations, but I ain't got the closet space!.

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