Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead Is Gross

And I hate half the characters, but I am addicted all the same. Jared and I did literally nothing this weekend but laze about and watch our zombie stories and eat. And it was so so good.

Although I did get an insane migraine Sunday morning and was then plagued with dreams of walkers, not so fun.

We are very late to this monster mash, but at least it's festive. In the past week and a half we blew through both seasons of Walking Dead on Netflix and then had to sit through all those excruciating commercials last night, watching our first live ep.

So do you watch The Walking Dead? Do you hate Carl as much as I do (seriously guys, Carl ruins everything amiright?) What about Andrea and Lori? Ugh right? I'm very pro Daryl and Glen, and I guess Rick can stay too.

It also makes my heart sing that this show is set in GA. Another wonderful thing from GA? My future sister-in-law Lacey! Jared's brother Graham got engaged this weekend and wedding fever has already started sweeping the family.

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