Tuesday, October 16, 2012


In 2008 I voted for Barack Obama. I felt good about that decision, and to be honest with you I still do. I got a ton of crap for it though. Thanksgiving that year was almost unbearable. I am not a radically political person, either. I am a registered democrat but identify strongly with neither party. I would call myself a hard independent. I will probably vote republican this year, and to be frank I really don't care what you opinion is on the matter. I couldn't say the same if Rick Santorum was in Romney's place. To be honest,probably the only other Republican I would have felt comfortable voting for was John Huntsman, but I won't delve into that wormhole.

All of this said, today I went to read the NYT, which I do most mornings. I really need to invest in a subscription because I am constantly reaching my 10 article limit well before the end of the month. When that happens, a banner ad pops up. This banner ad.

I find it strange that the NYT would pick a creepy crazy eyed picture of Mitt Romney against a backdrop of shady figures, while they place a serene looking Obama against the American flag. I despise the stinking shroud that surrounds both candidates. I think they are both basically good people. I don't think Barack Obama is a bad man, and I don't think Mitt Romney is either.If I had my way, political candidates wouldn't be able to buy ad's on TV or the Internet and radio. Everyone would watch the debates and some in depth fireside chats with each candidate, and get to know them that way. Maybe one day this will happen, but probably not. Until then, I hope everyone keeps there eyes wide open when it comes to the media's political agenda, whether you watch Fox News or listen to NPR. Make your own decision, don't let anyone make it for you.


  1. I so agree with you. I hate how people don't educate themselves on what the candidates actual stand for. I think it's important to watch the debates and learn for yourself what political party you would vote for.

    Sometimes I'm hesitant to talk about politics at all because people get so heated. I'm a republican and I feel like if I just say that people automatically assue I'm uneducated about politics and that I'm only a republican because I'm a christian which is not true. I choose to separate my religious beliefs with politics and like how republicans run the country financially.

    You probably won't see any blog posts from me about my political views but I feel safe commenting on your blog lol.