Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Gilligan has been looking quite strange lately. And I don't mean the judgmental look that's always on his face.

Labradoodles blow their coat as they transition from puppy to adult, meaning a trad of soft, cloud-like fleecy puff for...well who knows. You never know what kind of coat they'll have until after they're grown. The thing about this process is it's supposed to take months. Not so with little dogbert Gilligan. Within a month he went from a slight patch of missing hair to a full blown catastrophe. Pretty soon the only fleece left was in a sort of cumberbund around his waist, and the weird bird feathers on the top of his head.


You can see the difference between the fleecy middle and the wiry behind. It was hard to take a decent picture, he was quite embarrassed over his hair loss.

Yesterday I took him in to get groomed and he came back a new man! He looks like a completely different dog, its sort of disturbing. While I can't wait for his fluff to return, I'm glad he doesn't look like an abused street urchin anymore. If you live in Jacksonville, I really can't recommend Bark Boutique enough for grooming. I have never met a nicer bunch of ladies in my life, and for 10 bucks extra Gilligan was able to stay in play group all day. The fact he immediately curled up and fell asleep as soon as I got him home last night is a vouch that he had a great time.

By the way, did anyone watch Westminster last night? Jared was watching a hockey game on his computer, but by the end even he was rooting for Best In Show, Banana Joe!!! We love you Banana Joe!

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