Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As a teenager, I always despised February. Bad things happened in February: it was cold and grey and there was Valentines day. It was also the month long barrier between me and birthday bliss.

Once I grew up and started trying to make my own luck, found myself a Valentine and realized that didn't really matter all to much after all, I guess February lost its fangs. Still, sometimes old habits die hard.  I still catch myself giving those 28 days the side-eye, muttering under my breath until they've come and gone.

You won't get me this time February! Nay, I have a plan. So far my 28 days of work outs are going strong. They've included spin class, walking the zoo for 3+ hours and stretching my poor tight hamstrings.

I haven't forgot my other challenge, the one with the pictures and the vanity, unfortunately all the great ones I thought I took over the weekend are gone, after remembering that my  memory card was left behind in the computer -____-. Forgive me.

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