Wednesday, February 27, 2013


February is winding down, folks. I am trying to savor the last week of my 23rd year. I know once March rolls around this year is going to rocket on by. It's a machine gun blast of activity this spring. Birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, trips, games, adventures, Disney, puppy obedience classes. These last few days of calm before the frantic hurdle jumps of activity, no matter how enjoyable I know they will be, call for a slow jam.  It's not a Tuesday, and I haven't done a mixtape in awhile, but today just seemed right, you know?

I am always down for a great slow jam. Except in spin class. Never in spin class. My wierdo spin teacher kept playing Enrique Iglesias slow jams in my class Monday, it was terrible. I mean, it wasn't even the ping pong song. Come on dude. I need some fire in my belly

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