Thursday, March 28, 2013



This week has been so much more low key then last, thank goodness.

Sunday dinners at the Simpson house!

Easter is upon us. Do you ever wonder how Mormon's celebrate Easter, or how we define our relationship with Jesus Christ? What makes us different? What makes us Christians? I know it can be intimidating to ask...but I invite you to visit this website (which is incredibly uplifting no matter your faith) or speak to the missionaries. In fact, Mormon missionaries are free to chat with you on Facebook if you're nervous about speaking to them in person, or only have one or two questions to ask. Please let me know!

Powering through your day, listening to Tiny Desk concert after Tiny Desk concert. Night Beds, they got it.

Earlier this week I ordered take out at The Loop in San Marco. When I got there I realized I had forgotten my wallet, but the guy working insisted I take the food and just call in later to pay. Tender mercies.


Watching the singer of Night Beds as he cranks out those tunes. John Mayer level weird faces here.

Taking 10 minutes and a 27 point turn to get out of my parking space this morning. Boxed in by a hulking minivan, a freak sedan who doesn't know how to park and a gigantic double cab truck. -_____-

Does anyone have experience with a dog who never pee's in the house...except when there are large swaths of fabric left on the floor? Seriously if you leave a sheet or a towel on the floor, or heaven forbid kick your duvet off in the night, that little idiot pees on it!

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