Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today is not a good day. Yesterday was mediocre. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but life ain't rosey all the time. I feel tired and hormonal and slightly overwhelmed. I have been on a steep learning curve the past week and a half. You know that feeling where you just smile and nod and say "Yes" but in your head you're screaming "What?!". In a way it makes me miss school, where success was tightly defined. Brackets were given for excellence and each peice of work was graded to that scale. Through it all I feel I've been able to keep my head above water. I have accomplished, am accomplishing, things that make me swell with pride (only to be quickly deflated by some new twist)

Not having time to sit and write is stressful as well. I have things I need out of my head. Stubenville! The horrid stay at a Days Inn last weekend! Golf Tournaments! Long days at Disney with children and a saint of an Aunt! But for now I will take solace on this little bitty entry and resolve to make more time in the future.

In other news, though today isn't stellar and business aside, last week really was. I am so greatful for my dear  little Jared. We really do make a great team and he makes me happy to be alive. Also, it is officially summer. I am calling it today folks. Our 3 days spring is over and its 80 degrees out. The first sunburn of the year is fading and the contour has once again returned to a rolling swamp.

P.S. God bless labradoodles


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