Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We've had a big ol' green mirror sitting in our living room since we moved in almost 4 months ago. In our first apartment we had a lovely mantle where the mirror rested perfectly, leaning against the wall just so. I took so few pictures of the inside of that crummy little place...kind of regretting it now.

Anyway, I have been hemming and hawwing over hanging that mirror, actually putting screws into the wall and everything, since moving in. My fear kept me from doing anything about it. Last weekend I had about enough and I did the darn thing! Danielle helped me find a good place and hang some tape and I did it!
She also relayed some choice and important words: Kipin you are being too careful.

Since then I've hung 4 more pictures. I'm hoping to post a little house tour soon. For now, I invite you to go home and grab a nail and a hammer and eyeball your pictures up onto the wall. Don't let them just sit there in a box or leave them forgotten on a shelf. What's the worst that could happen? You'll have an unwanted hole the size of a toothpick left behind. Seriously. Sometimes we make the craziest rules for ourselves.

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