Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Fact: I can get more chores done in my hour lunch break, or the afternoon before company comes over, then I can in an entire lazy, albiet free, weekend. 

There's something thrilling to me in running around like a lunatic, sandwich in one hand basket of laundry in the other. I like deadlines, lists, a littttle bit of stress. 

 I claimed that winter was over and summer was here. This morning it was 58 degrees in my house, I guess I was wrong. I am completely not used to this... guess you call it spring? But I like it. To me, it feels like a deadline. How much can I get done before the weather outside turns mean and sweaty? How much longer can I sleep underneath a comforter? How much longer can I leave the screen door open for Gilligan to come and go as he pleases? This race has long been known as spring cleaning, but to me it's a whole new world. I am finding joy in making my home beautiful, in throwing away old post cards and notebooks with only half of the pages filled: junk I have carried with me for 5-6-7 years? For what reason? I don't know and I don't let myself think too much about it before throwing it away. My house is a mess but it's coming together. I'm making my deadline, dang it!

On a (sort of) related note, Jared and I watched the documentary 'Happy' the other night. It didn't say anything I hadn't heard before, but it did touch my heart. Since watching it I've thought a lot about my relationship with myself, and especially with God. Am I doing everything I can to make myself the happiest? No probably not. The inside of me has been left fallow for too long, my heart and mind need some serious spring cleaning as well. 

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