Friday, August 23, 2013


A few weekends ago we made our way to California for a wedding. If you haven't seen the video of the trip youcan watch it here.

I love flying out to California because you travel through time and reap the benefit of 3 extra hours. After grabbing our rental car (free upgrade haaay, under 25 surcharge boo), we made our way to the hotel. Jared went in to check us in and – major gaff – I had booked the wrong days!! I had unknowingly booked the hotel for July instead of August and we were homeless in California! I downloaded the HotelTonight app and found a hotel less then 2 miles away for a great price. Avatar Hotel was a modern video game themed place. It was such a relief, especially when we realized that right next door was…..

1-kevin n jessica 004-001

1-kevin n jessica 007

The mothership. OK so we say we went to California to see Kevin Newton get married, but really we went because we are drawn to In N Out Burger like a moth to a flame. Always coordinate your lipstick and your condiments. After ingesting a burger brunch that took up ¾ of my daily calorie allotment in LoseIt app, we set out on a 3 hour ride through central CA to Fresno. We listened to a great episode of This American Life, the new Civil Wars Album and took in the Grapes of Wrath scenery. It was a great little drive. Living flat on the ground my whole life, I get a huge kick out of meandering up and down hills and watching cows gracefully graze on what looks to me as a mountain edge. 

1-kevin n jessica 010

When we got to Hanford, where the Buckleys live, we got to work folding paper flowers and counseling Kevin Newton on married life. The next two days were so much fun. Kevin and Jessica are so in love and their reception was the best. They had a fresh churro stand!! A CHURRO STAND!! These were like Disney level churro's a kid you not. And Jessica smashed a piniata. What a babe that Jessica btw, Kevin Newton you officially have a trophy wife ;). 

I also made the most darling new friend. Kevin Newton’s nephew was apparently quite smitten with me, and I spent the majority of the reception cutting a rug on the dance floor with him and playing thumb war. We made some really good memories on this trip. I'm so grateful we were able to fly out there. 

1-kevin n jessica 016

Babe alert! BABE ALEERRRTTT!!!
Hold the phone....I interrupt this stream of pictures to bring you this blue eyed angel. I am a lucky woman. Sorry y'all, go back to your business.

1-kevin n jessica 057
1-kevin n jessica 024

1-kevin n jessica 025

1-kevin n jessica 029

1-kevin n jessica 038
1-kevin n jessica 041

1-kevin n jessica 074
1-kevin n jessica 090
1-kevin n jessica 097
1-kevin n jessica 104
1-kevin n jessica 109
1-kevin n jessica 085
1-kevin n jessica 081
1-kevin n jessica 079

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