Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3:30 OSLO

We have been in the country for 12 hours now. I am feeling some crazy jet lag, so here I sit at 3:30 am in this quiet apartment kitchen while Jared attempts to set the world record in snores and night humming-yes humming. Instead of laying awake and fretting about finding an ATM in the morning and getting to the Torp airport on Sunday, I got up and made our sandwiches for our train ride today.

Speaking of- Norwegian groceries, or at least the tiny bodega we went to yesterday afternoon, are fascinating. They sold 6 different kinda of meat or cheese paste in big tubes  and a soda cost around 19 krone, about $3.50.  Poor Jared. I'm sure the night humming is his way of coping with nightmares of mystery meat and the huge section of soft cheeses we  spent 10 minutes pouring over (I chose salami and some kind of mild white cheese. Just sampled both- delicious). New/strange food is always in my top 5 favorite things on a trip and Jared's number one hurdle, so it should be an interesting 4 days.

3 hours until our alarm goes  off and we head towards the fjords.

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