Monday, May 19, 2014


Are you ready for a part 3 party? The end of Norway in a nutshell brought us to Bergen, like I mentioned before. Bergen looks like a Steven Spielberg fairytale land. You know how Steven loves wharf towns on hills with lots of rambling buildings and stuff? Bergen reminded me of the Goonies gone European. We raced down to the pier to take a look at the Bryggen houses and then went on a hunt for a top rated polske stand. Sausages are Norwegians favorite food....besides like, herring or whatever. But anyway, I am a hotdog enthusiast (of course I am) and I had to have one of these extra delicious polske. I decided on the reindeer polske with fried onions and it was the best. The best people. After that there was a shocking pink sunset and a train ride all the way back to Oslo.
Fun story: There were these nutso gypsies who (I am guessing) snuck onto our train and started a full on domestic disturbance near our seats. The lady was spitting venom at the dude. I don't know Norwegian, but there is no way she wasn't using every swear word in her book. Then the conductor came by and they started shoving at one another. They eventually got kicked off the train in the middle of nowhere, but my goodness. Thanks brawny train woman, you are awesome.

We got home at 6:30 am and I was the grumpiest. I can not sleep unless I am laying completely flat, and I got not a wink on the train. Thanks gypsies! Jared and I crashed hard, and when we came up for air we lept right back in, visiting the Viking Museum, The Fram Icebreaker Museum and then cruising Aker Brygge, the rehabiltated wharf area. The next day we hung out in the sunshine at Frogner Park, saw Munch's "Scream" (Jared's Favorite) and "Madonna" (my favorite) and walked the streets of Oslo.
The last night. As you may well know from Facebook, we arrived at our weird tiny Torp airport only to be kicked out when they closed for 3 hours. We spent the evening in the desperate cold snuggling and getting increasingly punch drunk. We listened to Van Morrison, invented a game called "shout a phrase and make up the corresponding dance move", slept for a half hour in a stairwell and fell a little bit more in love. I already know that night will be a treasured memory.
Thinking about that trip, and this weekend, I am constantly reminded at how understanding Jared always is. When I'm grumpy, he just ignores me and tells me to go to bed. When I am insecure, he tells me why I shouldn't be. He is not a man of poetry or grandiose statements, but he radiates a steady, calm energy that I desperately need. I am the manic free wheeling kite and he is my tether, and both of of us would be useless and boring without the other.

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