Sunday, May 18, 2014


Jared and I spent about 20 hours getting to Oslo due to a long as heck layover in Charles De Gaulle. Luckily we stalked these weird little chaise loungers and slept intermittently for most of it. Nothing quite like panic sleep at an airport. Btw there was a hole in that neck pillow and I woke up covered in tiny styrofoam balls.

The airport was clean and easy and Scandinavian and felt a lot like Ikea to tell the the Ikea of duty free alcohol and giant Toblerone.

We rented this apartment from AirBNB which was fantastic. If you're going on vacation you should always check AirBNB first. After spending $30 on Burger King at the train station we were even more grateful for a full kitchen. After we got in, we went to the market across the street and crashed hard. Next morning we took a train trip across the country nicknamed "Norway in a Nutshell."

Lots of travelers use this route, which is all public transportation, to see a lot of Norway really quickly. It was the most beautiful trip of my life. We took a train out of the city, through the mountains and across a plateau covered in huge drifts of snow. The train stopped us in Myrdal and we took the Flam railroad through the mountains down into the fjord, where we took a few hours cruise. This dropped us at a bus which wound its way up and down the mountains and to another train which we road all the way to Bergen and back. Exhausting? Yes. Breathtaking. Oh, yes. There is no way to describe how gorgeous the country is. Pictures can't capture the middle earth, the cliffs of insanity, the hundreds of waterfalls the water and sky and I wanna go back! I'll stop rambling and let the pictures speak for themselves.

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