Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Cooking dinner and praying that you don't sweat into it, and if you do that no one will notice. 
  • Starting a pinterest board dedicated to labradoodles. I have a problem, y'all. 
  • Me playing volleyball. Anyone at Pioneer Day can attest to this. -___-
  • Camping this weekend at Youth Conference. I am putting this here to try and convince myself. 
  • Kermit Mug!
  •  Hard drive and recovery disks are in the mail. Don't worry laptop baby, mama's gonna take care of you!
  • Finally ordering contacts after the longest month of my life. I felt like my eyes needed a break after you know, 2 years straight of basically sucking them dry of all moisture, scratching them into oblivion and forcing small slips of plastic onto them. 
  • I hear that a certain Newt is back in town!

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