Monday, August 6, 2012


Sunday morning we woke up for church and couldn't believe it was already 7:45. Outside the sky was dark, a light rain falling; weather basically begging you to hit the snooze button one or eight times.
We slugged along, hitting nasty weather on the drive out to Whitehouse and getting to church at 9 by the hair of our chinny chin chins. Pulling up I prepared myself for a mad dash to the door, but as I got out of the car I heard a little peep, and then 4 or 5 more. Looking over to the outdoor AC unit, I saw a little black kitten screaming her head off. As I walked up she jumped right to me, and then I noticed her two brothers. They were soaking wet and shivering and could not grab onto me fast enough. Jared and I took them into the kitchen and got them warm. After some hasty kitten baths and belly rubs, they promptly passed out in their kitty fort and slept through the next three hours of church.
 One got a home right away, and we brought the others home for a bath and some kitten food. Jared has a serious crush on the little boy. He named him Samson, and I'm afraid we just may have to keep him. I have such terrible cat allergies, but I was already looking into allergy shots, so we'll see. For now, it's nice to have them around.

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