Monday, August 13, 2012

Nerd Alert

Nerdiness is in my blood. My father grew up a band geek and a Wheel of Time enthusiast. By the time I was in fourth grade I had read The Hobbit and was making my way through Lord of the Rings, or trying to at least. Give me a goody fantasy series and you will have won my heart forever. I was lucky enough to marry a man who shares my affinity for the magic in life. He lives and breathes for Harry Potter and can have an hours long conversations about the beauty of a Star Wars theme park. So no one should be suprised that this happened this weekend.

As you could probably gather from the theme park talk, once Jared has an idea is in that noodle of his, he will not cease until it is realized. Anyway, he has been talking for more then a year about this board game he was in love with when he was a kid, Weapons and Warriors. Have you played it?

 If you haven't, then you should. Jared picked it up on eBay for a trifle and it is oh so fun.Basically you use your crossbows, catapaults, trebuchets and canons to fire marbles at one anothers camps. We have been on the hunt for games we can play, just the two of us, especially after that failure of a Lego excursion, and this definetly hit the spot.

 Disclaimer, if you have hard wood floors, and if your entire apartment is crooked and slants slightly downhill, you best be making some barricades out of spare yoga mats, old cardboard boxes and a coffee table or two. Those little marbles really fly.

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