Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Millennium Falcon Quest

Last Friday I had a great idea. I'm talking a super brilliant amazing idea.
"We need something to do," says Jared "We need to hang out!"
"Lets go buy a Lego set," says I "Lets go, lets go!"

So off we went to Toy's R Us, thinking we would lay down $40 and get the most amazing, grand, intricate Lego set ever made. We went, we hunted, and then we found this. 

That's a beautiful thing, my friends. A vision! I could just see the hours of fun we would have. And then I saw the price tag. Lets just say $40 will buy you jack in the land of Lego. And when I say Jack I mean Jack Sparrow in Lego Man form, and that's if he is on sale.

After our dreams were dashed, we found a cool puzzle, kissed the Millennium goodbye, and vowed we would hunt eBay until she was found for half the price, but hopefully not half the pieces.

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