Thursday, April 18, 2013


This post has been sitting unfinished since Monday. After the weekends festivities, and housing a certain large blonde (labrador) I have been wracked with some kinda hybrid cold flu sinus things. I even forgot my poor Activity Day Girls yesterday! Talk about Awkward Thursday Blech. Luckily the storm in my sinus cavity is slowly ceasing to rage. On to more important things!

There is nothing like a fresh marriage. Graham and Lacey's wedding day was full of sunshine, and now I have a new sister in law with whom I hope to spend many days thrift shopping and eating boiled peanuts. Solidarity, am I right?

The reception at the River City Brewing Company was a great time. Before it started, Jared, myself and our prodigal son Mitchell roamed around. The place was crawling with prom-sters. How many times are you and your husband in matching blue evening wear? Not so many times. Fun fact: Jared didn't go to his prom. Not so fun fact: I went to prom with my friend Danny and somehow started a holy war feud with my best friend in the process. We ate at Buca Di Beppo, and I wore a navy dress that night, too come to think of it.


I'm writing about last weekend with this one almost upon us. Also, these pictures kinda suck but better then nothing right.

If the wedding wasn't joyous enough, on Sunday Adam Scott, Australian stud and all around king choker of the golf world WON The Masters! Jared was beside himself, doing laps around the pool table, screaming with joy. Twas fab.

PS I didn't even have one piece of wedding cake! Woop!

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