Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When I was growing up my brothers gave me an insanely obnoxious nickname: HoneyCheeks. Don't ask why. Three adolescent boys need no reasons. The name was used once and my extreme reaction sealed it permanently. It was a haunting reminder of my plump cheeks and...well that's pretty much what I think they were going for, but the name fit my insane sweet tooth as well.

This month a few of my co-workers and I are taking a 30 day break from sugar. Fruit is okay, but no sweets, candy, soda (diet or otherwise) of any kind. My swan song was a poorly made McFlurry, unmixed and Oreo instead of M&M...maybe it's a sign that I really do need to cut it out.

We'll be instagramming all the temptations we encounter throughout the month with the hashtag #UnConsumed. Feel free to join in! Hopefully a sea of treats will be left in our wake at the end of the month. My office is seriously a mine field of temptation and I know exactly where the Entenmann's in my kitchen are hidden. Here goes nothing!

FYI Last nights presentation was a success. As soon as I got there my nerves melted away. Relief.

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  1. Kipin I'm quitting sugar too! If you need some help let me know :) I'm kind of glad I'm not the only crazy one haha. There's this great ebook called I Quit Sugar, which is an 8 week program, but I'm taking some of it and applying to my life. When you're craving something sweet replace it which a healthy fat, so far this has worked for me! So if I want something sweet after a meal I'll eat a hand full of raw almonds and then I don't want something anymore. Also I've been doing green tea and other varieties of ice tea's (not sure if you drink tea?)

    I'm quitting fruits too just for a little which to let my body detox, but good luck! keep me posted :)

    p.s. Chia seeds and fantastic