Monday, April 22, 2013


 This weekend I didn't have any sugar until I had some sugar. My second wedding in a week...I looked the wedding cake in the face and I laughed a maniacal laugh. Slowly turning away thinking about my power over the enemy. Turning, turning, turning, turning to see an entire table of groom's cake.

The groom's cake is probably the most under rated part of any wedding festivity. You see, a wedding cake is usually beautiful and tall and elegant. Also it usually tastes like dry malty dirt. In the best instances it takes on a generic white cake white icing office birthday flavor. I can't vouch for the one pictured above as I bravely resisted it.

The groom's cake however can be whatever that little groomy's heart desires. In my wedding, my groomy's heart desired yellow cake with chocolate icing. Then the bride said HEY that does sound good and we ended up with an 8 foot buffet of cake, pie, chocolate strawberries, cookies, candy and other tasty treats. Our wedding cake was actually the most delicious cake on the planet (French Pantry) and thus breaks the rule of dirt cake heretofore mentioned....but also just truly drives that sweet tooth thing about me home.

Anyway, the wedding reception this weekend was exactly my style with no less then 5 different cakes and an ice cream sunday bar. I saw the fresh strawberry cake and I was done for. Oh well. Back on the wagon and I don't regret it y'all!

On from one sweet thing to another. As April comes close to an end I am reminded again and again of how much I love Jared Alexander. Forgive me a second of gushing. Jared makes me laugh, he makes everything instantly better. He is my best friend and my champion. He willingly dreseds up as an angel and entertained my sunday school class of four year olds, sweeps the floor when I don't feel like it and made me a spaghetti dinner without complaint. Cheers to you Bird!

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