Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Ok so I'm officially, and begrudgingly, back from vacation. The one thing I really did miss while I was away was blogging. I'll be sharing pictures and stories from my trip later this week, but for now lets hit some highlights.

  • Almost falling off a slippery cliff face in Santa Cruz. Yes, it is on video. 
  • Getting caught rule breaking in a national park. Shame.
  • Sitting next to a jerk off duty pilot on a plane ride and getting scolded. That was a long 3 hours.  
  • Being told my Fenton's sundae would be way to much for me to handle and then polishing of the entire thing....But that may be an awesome. 
  • The above picture...but again I kind of think its an awesome. 40 mph winds y'all, 40 degrees. My champion.
  • Showing my knickers to hundreds of tourists trying to get pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, on top of a cliff, facing 40 mph winds wearing a swingy skirt.

  • Northern California weather! It felt like a Florida winter. 
  • Succulents, wildflowers, roses and ice plants absolutely everywhere!
  • So much delicious ice cream. Fenton's, Bi-Rite Creamery....if it was up to me I would have swept the whole city and eating treats for every meal.
  • Eating fresh blackberries picked right off the bush.
  • Naturez
  • Perfect parking spots all week every single time. 
  • A fetching HUGE promotion right before my vacation. Patience is a virtue.

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