Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

  • Running home after work, lightening quick change, then off to a presidency meeting. Half way through I realize I'm not wearing a bra. This is still mind boggling to me. 
  •  Muttering to myself as I write a release, it's the only way I can find the mistakes, when a coworker pops into my cube. Yes, I was chanting like a Gregorian monk, how are you today?
  • Walking into a restaurant bathroom and a little girl is sitting in a stall, pants on the ground, door wide open, playing on a Game Boy.  She looks up, grins and said "I have a DS." I closed her door for her. 
  • Absolutely dieing for a haircut, going to make an appt, and seeing your usual girl is booked up for 2 weeks! Taking the walk of shame to a different stylist is not comfortable my friends. "Oh it's totally fine, totally." Ya....totally :/
  • Taking a huge swig of coconut water, thinking it will be manna from heaven, sent to save you from Coke Zero....and spitting it into your trash can.
  • The Lose It! app> MyFitness Pal. 
  • Thunderstorms, this week has been fantastically cozy.
  • New glasses from Coastal for $12! Can't wait for their arrival. 
  • Incredible luck thrifting. I'll have to post some of my new favorites. (like the above cats which I did not buy, but I did covet)
  • Fresh cut ends and bangs! 
  • All the comments I've been getting from other bloggers. That feels so great! If you're reading, become a follower so I can do the same.


  1. oh gosh, definitely need to get my hair cut and get those fresh cut ends. now if only i could pull of bangs!! they always look so fabulous on people!
    xo TJ

  2. I love awkward and awesome posts!