Sunday, June 10, 2012

Douglas, GA

We've had such a good weekend! Saturday Jared and I rode up for my cousins wedding in Georgia. Despite the rain, we had fun eating barbecue and seeing all the relatives I haven't seen in a million years. Afterwards, we went to Douglas to visit Jared's brother and his girlfriend. We had such a great time hanging out with Graham and Lacey. Her family was incredibly sweet and warm, letting us stay the night when the weather took a turn for the worse and driving home seemed out of the question. We fed the goats, chased down some biddies and snuggled kittens at Lacey's house. I was in heaven. I'm allergic to every animal under the sun, but I really can't help myself when baby animals are involved. That poor kid was bleating and wiggling and trying to get back to its mama. I felt like Elvira from Tiny Tunes.

There was also bowling (Lacey was supreme champion with a turkey run in the last set of her game) and scoping out of  Douglas's haunted spots. Can't wait to visit again.

By the way, if anyone here in Jax would like one of the cutest little kittens ever, there are 5 that need good homes. Jared wanted to take home the little black one, even named him Ralph, but sadly my pesky nose and swelling eyes would nay allow. Let me know and I'm sure Graham wouldn't mind delivering one to you!

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