Monday, June 11, 2012

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Yikes, the color difference between pasty old me and my bronzed husband is frightening. Good thing this gang of gay dolphins was ~~cOlOr bLiNd~~

The bowling ally in Douglas had some truly beautiful day-glow murals. I wish we could have gotten more pictures, but it was so dark. The other walls featured nature scenes and some kind of Native American Jesus with a flaming skull head. I love small towns and their weird quirks. You kind of take them for granted when you live there, I think.

When I was growing up in Palm Coast, did I truly appreciate the crappy old pier, the Picture Show III with it's shoe box theaters and huge glass cases of troll dolls and action figures? The time I spent on my best friend chihuahua farm? (Yes, I said chihuahua farm) Probably not; maybe the chihuahua farm...I'm a sucker for puppies. But I do appreciate the ridiculous memories.

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