Friday, June 8, 2012

A few of my favorite things: Travel

Have you ever read Mindy Kaling's blog? Update your blog again Mindy, please. I say it so it shall be! She regularly featured Things I Bought That I Love, so I'm finna steal her idea.

I research practically everything I buy, because A. I am a pauper B. I am cheap and
C. I am vaguely coco-banana-loco, to turn a phrase.  Along with being c.b.loco, I'm also a complete turn-coat back-stabber when it comes to brands. I'm always on the lookout for better, faster, cheaper, etc. If it don't work, I won't use it, no matter how fancy or organic or expensive.

In the future these lists will probably be filled with lust items, because of the aforementioned urchin status, but this time I actually own everything on the list! Go me! Okay, except one.

Since I'm headed off to the west coast next week, I decided to give you my favorites for travel. I'm still a world traveler in training, but I do have a couple trans-Atlantic flights under my belt so maybe you'll trust my opinions an eensy bit. 

1. Clinique BB Cream This is on my every day list. It's got sunscreen, anti oxidants and just enough coverage. I find even if I don't want to wear makeup on the plane, I should at least put on a little to even out my complexion and not look like such a ghoul. I use shade 2.

2.  Carmex. If my name wasn't Kipin Marie it would probably be Greasy Gene. I am not one to get dry, but planes man. That recycled air will leech every bit of moisture you got. BB cream has got my skin covered hydration wise, but you need some lip coverage. You could probably use any old lip balm; in fact, I'm sure Carmex is terrible (petroleum). And yet there's something about that intense burn when you first put it on...I'm a freak moving on.

3.Melatonin is my essential ingredient for long over-night flights. No matter how comfy cozy I am, no matter how insanely tired, I can never sleep on planes. My legs get that antsy terrible feeling and my neck hurts and it's just awful. Melatonin is natural, doesn't give me any creepy hangovers and works like a charm. Warning, it does tend to give me some pretty trippy dreams.

4. So planes are drying, loud, sleepless places right? Well they're also cold as a witches T most of the time. Actually when I think about it, I really hate flying. Can we move towards high-speed trains? Or the Knight Bus maybe? Anyway, I always wear a humongous scarf on the plane. I have a few that are the size of your average couch throw, but so light that you can twist them right up around your neck or  throw in a bag. They're great for cocooning yourself during a nap, wadding up into a pillow, wrapping around your face to block out light and sound, wearing around your head with sunglasses and pretending you are a movie star. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is my number 1 must-have travel item. It's like a chic version of Hitchhiker's Guide towels.

5. Fuzzy socks. So ugly, so warm and soft. I usually hide these atrocities inside my purse, and then slip them on once on the plane.

6. A good old fashioned book. On my last flight my seat mate was reading on a Kindle. Between take off, circling the airport for forever and landing, he missed some very valuable reading time, and got himself a few tongue lashings from the stewardess. Books are small and portable. Maybe I am just envious because I do nay have a tablet of my own? Probably.

7. Backpack. This is definitely my second bag carry-on of choice. Small enough to put under the seat, but large enough to probably hold your regular empty purse and super helpful when trekking through airports. I do not have this beautiful Herschel backpack, but 4 years and three continents later my $20 Target buy is doing just fine.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Mindy Kaling's site! She's down to earth and she cracks me up. I never really think of bringing Melatonin with me on a flight but that's a great idea especially for those long international flights.

    1. Once I tried to take benedryl and knock myself out in an international flight--it somehow had the complete opposit effect and make me feel jittery and terrible! Melatonin all the way, it really relaxes my body.