Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

  • Overhearing someone talk to herself about the tightness of her skirt in the bathroom
  • Plastic drawers are $50. What?! I will continue to store my excess in laundry baskets I suppose. 
  • Let me paint a picture for you: There are 5 delicious apple fritters in front of you at The Doughnut Shoppe. They are as big as your head. A man in running shorts buys 4 of wait make that all 5. You inwardly pout, which I guess he notices because he apologizes and puts tells the woman to leave one for this girl here. Elation. A woman quickly butts in right after that and orders the last fritter, YOUR FRITTER. You take solace in a fresh glazed and try not to think to badly of the fritter thief. 
  • My laptop is still broken, Jared and I are like gypsies moving around every night finding a place for him to do home work. 
  • Headed to Disney World this weekend! 
  • Having family right next door to my office and our weekly lunch dates. 
  • Started jogging this week and I haven't been kidnapped or passed out yet from the heat. 

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