Friday, July 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

  • Sitting down and feeling your ENTIRE SKIRT BACK SPLIT. There are no words, only horror. It wasn't even a tight skirt, I swear it!
  • Losing a crock pot lid in a tiny one bedroom apartment, searching for 20 min, then having Jared find it in about 5.
  • My neighbors leaving all of their garbage, including gross moldy fruit cocktail of death, on our tiny shared staircase balcony.
  • Every single minute of every daylight hour seems to be scheduled and booked, weekends included. None of which include blogging, which bumps A&A Thursday to Friday. 
  • Tomorrow will be 6 months is wedded bliss. Wow. 
  • Planning vacations that aren't just pretend anymore. 
  • Morning yoga and our new star chart to fight the battle of bumminess.
  • Having a fantastic friend to come and save you after you split your skirt at work.

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