Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kipin's Guide to Walt Disney World: Epcot World Showcase

The World Showcase! Aka The biggest gift shop in the world! Ok, so you get some culture from walking the countries, even a few cool little rides (including Jared's second favorite in all of WDW), but the world showcase is big on two things: trinkets and eats. What could be better?

I myself prefer to start in Canada, and this is a contradiction to my biggest tip of all:

Tip #8 (which should be number 1): Always go left! This is a simple strategy that can help you skip major lines. When given the option, human beings will almost always choose to go right. Lots of rides in Disney have two separate queues or entrances. You'll cut out a lot of grief this way.  

So back to my contradiction: When I do the world showcase I prefer to go right. This is because of one simple fact: France is closer this way. And do you know what is in France? Well, we'll get to that later.  

Tip#9: No matter your age, go ahead and get a Duffy on a stick to color and carry with you to the different stations at each country. Its a good little (free) souvenir and makes an excellent fan.

Canada: Go see the circle vision movie! It has Martin Short! Plus, there;s a lovely little water feature and the castmembers dress in flannels.
Eats: The Le Cellier Steakhouse is supposedly amazing. Take me with you when you go plz. 

Great Britain: They used to have the fake Beatles here. Now they don't :(. Head to the back of the gift shop to meet Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh and friends.
Eats: I LOVE the fish and chips here. Probably my favorite meal in the park. The Rose&Crown is also supposed to be quite good, and they have patio seating. Eat here during the fireworks and sit on the patio for the best view in the park.

France:  I actually really enjoy the movie here, though if you're tired it will lull you to sleep. You may in fact want to watch solely for the nap opportunity.
Eats: Oh my beloved. get here quick and head your butt to the Patisserie. I'm not triflin with a simple mickey head ice cream, oh no, I go for the good stuff. Napoleons(above), croque monsieur, cream puffs as big as ya head! So good. Again, GO LEFT, for goodness sakes go left. there are two lines in the skinny little joint, so even though the line may seem ridiculous, it movies quickly.

I also liked eating lunch at the restaurant here, though its pretty heavy for a warm day. Ratatouille comes out to great you!

Morocco: My favorite thing about Morocco is the kidcot station. They'll write your name in Arabic.

Japan:  The Japanese gift shop is my absolute favorite! Go in, watch them find a pearl inside on oyster, get your fill of Totoro, awkwardly phrased but adorable postcards, and visit the kidcot for your name in Japanese!
Eats: They have the craziest candy and treats here. My friend Kyle liked to get these little jellied rice pillow puff candies. He said that it was like eating a breast implant. It is. A delicious one.

Tip #10: Skip America, pausing only briefly for a funnel cake and/or turkey leg.

Norway: Best. Everything is the best. The line for Maaelstrom may look long but it won't take long, and the ride is the epitome of Disney cheese. I love it. Jared loves it more.
Eats: School bread in the bakery. Also, there seems to be hot dudes manning the counter in there pretty consistently, if you're into that kind of thing.

Mexico: Jared wanted us to have our wedding reception inside of EPCOT Mexico, and he has been known to secretly climb the pyramid, so ya he kinda likes it. Mexico is home of mexican Donald (who always has a pretty short line) on the right side of the pyramid, and a really cute mini small world meets mexico ride.

You may have noticed I missed some countries. Do what you will in these. They ain't bad, but I wanted to focus on favorites.

Here are some wrap up tips for EPCOT:

Tip #11:Only do Kim Possible challenges if you have been to the park enough to not mind running around the coutries with no strategy what so ever. You will jump all over the place and it can be frustrating. Some of the missions unlock really cool things though, especially in Japan.

Tip #12: If the food options seem a little heavy, The Land pavilion has an excellent salad with golden beets and goat cheese.

Whew. This was long, hope you enjoyed!


  1. It's true about the french movie, Dustin feel asleep during it and I kept poking him in hopes he would awake. lol

  2. I love this! I seriously thought I knew everything there was to know about Disney! Always left, such a great rule. The land! Best food ever. My mom's so obsessed with that salad she came up with her own recipe of it at home. I personally love the chicken sandwich with the super soft bread and the chipotle mayo.. mmmm..

    Tip #10 is sad but essential. And also kind of hilarious.

    We tried the Kim Possible thing the last time we were there and gave up on it pretty quickly. We were mostly having trouble understanding/hearing her in that little phone.

    Also, Jared climbed the pyramid?!?!?!

    1. Skyler he is nuts and climbs it almost everytime we are there!!