Friday, July 13, 2012


Things have been so hectic around here lately. Jared starting school has thrown off our usual schedule and I realize how spoiled we've been this summer with all our down time together.  This week we got one lousy night! But never fear, the weekend is almost here! I'm so excited to head off to Disney tomorrow, even if it will be 100 million degrees.

Last night we stayed at my grandparents house so Jared could work on homework. He didn't end up getting off until late, and when he walked into the bedroom I was immediately taken back to 5 years ago.

I lived with my grandparents throughout college, and almost every night Jared and I would get off work and then meet at my house. We usually wouldn't meet until 9 or 10. Sometimes we'd go on walks in the neighborhood, down to the old pool and playground, jumping the fence to look around, creeping each other out in the dark.

Most of the time we'd end up in my room talking for hours and watching TV, cracking each other up and trying to be as quiet as we could. Two in the morning would roll around and he would head back home.

The picture up top was from the first time we ever went to Disney together, February 2008 I think?

Last night he brought me a Blizzard and we talked and watched a little TV, but this time he stayed :). I'm so glad to have my best friend.

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