Friday, July 6, 2012

Mission Accomplished

This past week, I've struck two important events off my to-do list. The first, and most important of which is I've spent the past week carefully crafting my wedding and engagement photo books through Pinhole Press and I'm finally done! I ordered both and they should be here within a week. I ordered the full sized panoramic book for both, one in green one in periwinkle. Periwinkle was Jared's choice haha, hopefully it won't be too purple in real life! I'll be sure to share pictures and a review when they get here.They were truly a labor of love. I had such a great time deciding on the layout of the book. I always did want to get into publishing....

 The second, slightly less important but just as thoroughly enjoyable,  event was seeing Moonrise Kingdom. I want to see it again! Who wants to go? I really loved this movie. It was sweet, poignant, clever and beautifully directed. The kids in this movie are terrific actors. Some of the khaki scouts in particular blew me away. They just really killed it. And don't even get me started on the art direction. Crisp, color saturated perfection. Did anyone else think Suzy looked like Emma Watson?

If you saw the book you'll remember that Suzy loved Fantasy Fiction and brought stolen library books with her as she ran away. Wes Anderson took the fake books and made little animaions for each one! Check them out here. (no spoilers dont fret).

I am so glad it's the weekend again. We really should have one Wednesday off a week. It was so refreshing to have that break. Jared has started summer classes and I'm back to work of course, so we only really get to spend time with each other a few nights a week now.

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