Monday, July 9, 2012

Stuffed Weekend

This weekend, oh this weekend. What started as a quest to go rock climbing quickly turned into a marathon food festival. My brothers came up and that occasion dictated we visit The Doughnut Shoppe for breakfast. Have you been there? oh please go. Such deliciousness you have never known. People wait 30 min sometimes just to get a fresh glazed. These are smart people. The service is quick, don't get me wrong. It's just the doughnuts are so delicious they sell out in a snap.

We meant to work all of this off at the rock gym, but of course we were foiled because the rock gym is cursed. 18 and an ID to climb? Phooey. But that didn't stop us from burgers and shakes and movies. Later of course there was dinner.

The next day was the worst/best. Grammie lunch followed by Grandma Cathy dinner. Banana pudding and Cookies. Roast and Spaghetti. And then of course we wrapped it all up working on a cheeseburger jigsaw puzzle.

At least it inspired me to get up and jog this morning.

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