Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are you afraid?

I've always been an "I have to go home" girl. I called my parents at midnight from sleep-overs, I had terrible stomach ache's the day before the presidential fitness run.

I've been thinking lately about how fear can dictate your life. In the past, I was never really a driven person. Success in school came easy to me, and I didn't have the real home support to pursue any dreams I may have had. I didn't try out for plays because I was afraid I would fail, I didn't join student government or write for the paper because it was easier not to, and no one would want to listen to my opinions anyway, would they?

I made a conscious decision to change this about two years ago.  It became important to me to start saying yes. Not just yes, but YES. To look for opportunities and then go and get them. The difference in these past few years and the ones before them are striking. I became a happier, healthier and more positive person.

Lately I've felt myself slipping back into old habits. I find myself staring at the mirror and not liking the extra 10 lbs, but not working out regularly either. I stress and worry myself sick over job opportunities, but am I really working my absolute hardest where I am right now? No. I'm probably not.

It's tiring to give your all, but it's so rewarding. I want to rededicate myself to being truly me, to not settling. To having big dreams. Here I go.

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