Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

  •  Strutting into the office and having a woman tap you on the shoulder, whispering "Psssst, your spanks are showing!"  -_____-
  • Burning the shiz out of a Crockpot meal.
  • Bike riding in a pencil dress and platforms. (I cycle to work)
  • The 12 yr old I awkwarded for not liking The Beatles calling me out. "I saw your blog post Sister Alexander." (Hi Lena)
  • My lousy blogging this week. Sorry y'alls, my laptop is on the fritz.
  • Snagging that dress I was lusting after, 50% off. Praise be. 
  •  Memorial day and all the accompanying sales.
  • Monday night yoga at UNF. Who wants to come and stretch it out with Birdwell and I, for free?
  • Tennis
  • That awesome art installation in the bottom of my building.  
  • Double awkward awesome this week

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