Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Weekender part II: Is this a thrift store?

One of my great loves in life is a thrift store. I love the racks of old clothes and flea bitten wigs on mannequin heads. I love the mix of hipsters and old people you find inside. I love creepy baby dolls, weird chatchkes and forgotten vhs tapes. When I first met Jared he had never been to a thrift store. Actually, I took him to Ross once, and as we walked in he said "So, this is a thrift store?". But I am converting to my ways. Can anything beat scoring a great vintage dress or suitcase or tee shirt for a few bucks? I don't think so my friends. We went to The Thrift Store, the mecca of Jax thrifting, this past weekend and came home with a sack full of loot for 20 dollars. Pictured after the jump are my personal favorites:

A print of Henri Rousseau's Equatorial Jungle. Don't you love the jungle creatures? I think they may be capybaras but they look like ewoks. I am now on a hunt for The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope.
A precious little yellow dress. This picture is gross please forgive me.
I'm so in love with the tiny rainbow umbrella print of this purse. 

And a skinny penguin print tie. 

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