Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • This picture. Just call me The Unsinkable Kipin Alexander.  
  • Absentmindedly grabbing your big ol water cup, taking a swig, and finding it filled with 2 day old flat Fresca. I am disgusting.
  • Major wipe out on my bike while riding to work. No explanation needed. 
  • Having the privilege of introducing a 12 year-old to the Beatles, only to be told "Ugh this is terrible, this is so cheesy." Have you no soul?
  • Printing pictures for silhouettes, and accidentally printing 5 full pages of your friends cat. "Why are there a bunch of cat pictures in the recycle pile?"

  • Knowing that no matter how terrible your day was, you always have your best Bird friend to lean on and make you feel better. 
  •  Wiping out on your bike, and having 3 different people offer to help you up. Chivalry is not dead, y'all. 
  • Snack sized chocolate frosties. 
  • Sun's game, Beach House and TPC this week


  1. Save those pictures of my daughter for me!

  2. love awkward and awesome Thursdays!
    and glad to know that chivalry is not dead ;)
    xo TJ