Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mix Tape I

One of my favorite memories took place a year and a half ago. Jared returned from his mission and immediately got jury duty. He had only been home a week! Before he came home, I bought tickets to see one of our favorite bands, Vampire Weekend. His last day of jury duty we jumped in the Contour (rest her soul), grabbed our friend Mitchell and drove 90 the whole way to Orlando to make it there on time. The windows were down and the music was cranked as loud as possible to overpower the roaring. I remember getting to City Walk and running down the main strip to get in before the opening band started.

This summer I want to see as many concerts as I can!

Anyone who knows me knows I adore making mix cds. They are a labor of pure bliss and joy. I also think its nice to listen to a cd once and awhile and take a break from the billion decision box which is your iPod. I wish I could make a mix tape for all 4 of you reading this, but I can nay, so after the jump I've got my summer playlist.

First up is Beach House. That Vampire Weekend concert we raced to? I'm glad we did because Beach House opened for them that night. The Bird was the one enchanted, and when we got home he downloaded 'Teen Dream' first thing. They've become one of our favorites and we're seeing them in Jax Beach next week.

Tennis is basically who Jared and I want to be best friends with. They are our dream couple, y'all. Alaina and Patrick met, got married, and eventually went on a seven month sail up the east coast. They wrote an album on their sail and produced it when they got back home. They make hazy 60's tinged pop music. Car dancing sessions to this song are now a prerequisite of night time drives.

White Arrows is a band I would love to see live and hope to while in San Fransisco. I believe they're coming to Orlando with Beat Connection (another great synthy band) later this summer as well. Perfect for long bike rides.

You've probably heard a Two Door Cinema song in a commercial or movie trailer or some nonsense. Where ever you hear it you won't want to turn it off. It's so infectious and bouncy. They will be in Orlando June 4 and hopefully I'll be there with the sweaty masses, swaying around.
Francoise Hardy is a lovely 60's pop star who sings really charming songs, even if you don't know what shes saying. I love listening to her while biking to work.

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