Friday, May 11, 2012

Teen Dream

For an hour and a half you stand. You've got some dumpy hipster with a Ramona Quimby haircut and sallow skin trying to get fresh and weasel her way closer to the stage. There's a weird old man in a bowling shirt standing on the fringe, eying sweet young things. A hippie couple is clutching each other tight, completely out of their brains; the girl looks like Esmeralda and her seven-foot tall boyfriend has a rat tail. They sway and lay their heads on the shoulders of strangers.Your skin is sticky and your knee ache. You say "Never again. I'm a balcony girl now."

Beach House. The bass thumps in your chest. Your hips and head sway to the beat. You walk into the night afterwards and you can't hear anything but a buzz. You can't wait to jump back in.

Jared eagle eyed Alex Scally walking around preshow. We should have talked to him but I always chicken out. Victoria sounded great. The set design was simple and modern; it really made the show.

Bonus Trivia: Jared has a huge crush on Victoria LaGrande. Let me tell you, it's easier to dismiss an underwear model then a (kind of creepy?) french-born indie siren with a smoky voice and a name that belongs in a film noire. Theres' a pun there involving Victoria's Secret that I'm a little too lazy right now to grasp. I mean I like Victoria, I can't even low level shallow hate on her, but can we all agree her hair probably smells bad?

I leave you with this picture of me in a scandalous outfit. I did not mean to flash that amount of thigh I can assure you. And yes, I did forget my ID and have to wear Xs.

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