Sunday, May 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome: New York Edition

Crappy picture of a beautiful thing.

There were so many awkward moments on my trip I can't even tell you. Or I guess I can...

  • Trekking around Flatiron in 5 inch platforms. I got cocky in my heels folks, I got sassy. But those streets owned me. Never again. 
  • Sweaty feet in those said pumps. Toe gripping was futile, heel slips were frequent. I had to adopt a weird marionette-like gait in order not to pull a Cinderella every few steps. 
  • The guy next to me who ate dried shrimp chips the entire plane ride, licking his fingers after every bite. Eat whatever you like on the ground sir, but please have respect for recycled air. 
  • Turning on the jets in the tub and water literally spraying all over the walls and cabinets, soaking the floor. Woops.
  • Explaining to someone, "It's called a  Croque Madame because the egg on top looks like a boo-.....boob. The french, right? Heh...heh"

  • Hotel bed all to myself. I normally sleep with a grown man in a double bed. Good thing I like him, that's all I can say. 
  • Game of Thrones. Half way through the first book and I'm hooked. 
  • Sitting at a round-table discussion with people from big huge firms and finance companies (AmEx, Mastercard etc), and being able to hold my own and even lead the discussion at one point.  Pyew! Pyew! Pyew!
  • Hill Country Chicken and its Boylan soda fountain. Yes this means unlimited fountain Cream Sodas. 

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