Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Stealing an idea from one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook.
  •  Interning for ONE YEAR and still getting asked "Wait...who are you?"
  •  Minding your own business, flossing at your desk, when you look up to see eyes peering at you. Ya, I'm keeping up with my dental hygiene, keep walking. 
  •  Step 1: See your champion husband lifting weights in the living room. 
    • Step 2: Pick up your own 3 pounders and start squat pressing up a storm. 
    • Step 3: Get immediately defensive when said husband critiques your form, start throwing around words like "Jillian Micheals" and "Shredding". squat press more out of spite.
    • Step 4: Have immediate excruciating back pain which lasts for 2 days.  
    • Touché, Birdwell. 

  •  Cinco de Mayo lunch at work and home made salsa!
  •  Celebrating my dear Bird's Twenty-third. 
  •  West Elm design dollars
  •  A fresh dye job. No more reverse ombre nastiness! Jon Freda makes an awfully good colorin' foam y'all. 
  • Week two of the Alexander's First Year journal. (which none of you will be reading)
  • Having friends who I can talk to at length about next to nothing. That is a privledge not to be taken lightly! 

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