Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekender Pt I

This weekend was about balance. Saturday we got up and thrifted for an hour and went golfing for four. That seems about even steven right? Well, regardless, any day with Dreamette is a good day in my book, and it was his birthday week. I'm putting in a jump because there's about to be a lot of pictures up in here.

This is Jared's dreamy new golf bag. It was my gift to him for his birthday. A strange thing happened to me when I went golfing with the Bird this weekend...I was not content with being a cart girl.
My usual post is driving the cart, maybe chipping or putting on a few holes. Jared really enjoys when I come golfing with him, even if I'm just riding along. However, I always feel extremely self conscious on the course when I have a club in my hand. I'm in no way athletically inclined. Most of the things I enjoyed doing growing up came naturally to me: writing, sketching, painting, crafts...all of those things were like second nature and I didn't have to try very hard.

Forays  into sports, lacrosse for a year in high school, soccer in middle school, never lasted because well, I sucked. I was the girl who got pegged in the head with the ball, or ran into and flipped over a hurtle while running the mile in gym class (true story y'all, true story).

I've never really had that drive, that thump in your veins to push push push until you make your own way. I mean, why practice golf for hours when you can play scrabble on your iPhone and practice crown braiding (see above). Lately though I've been getting the itch to try. If Jared is reading this, he is undoubtedly rolling his eyes but we shall see.

After our sojourn in the wilderness, which left me sunburned and sweaty, we stopped at the Dreamette. If you haven't been to this tiny little soft serve joint, and you live in Jax, then remedy that situation. Its just so so good.

Jared went with your traditional swirl, while I got the ultimate: Banana Split in a cup. Jared's dad got a vanilla milk shake, but come on Ed, you gotta step up your game at the Dreamette!
This mountain of ice cream and fruit and candied walnuts was a delight, of course, but also the messiest thing I've ever encountered. Spills were made. 
Even after Dreamette we were still hot as Hades. We don't have central a/c in our apt, just wall units, and it was hovering around 96 degrees. I really couldnt bare the thought of going into our sweltering apt and cooking dinner, so instead we took a dip at Queens Harbor, went on a date with JBird's parents and took in The Avengers! Guess what? It was actually really entertaining. 

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