Monday, May 14, 2012

Dance, Magic, Dance

My whole life I wanted magic. I wanted there to be some kind of cheat, you know? There had to be something fantastic out there I was missing. I never got too sucked in. I was more Bright Eyes than Kitty, and spells really weren't my forte. But psychics? That intrigued me.

A few years ago I was visiting Philadelphia and I got my palm read. The woman grabbed my hands and stared into my 19 year old face. Her daughter, laying on the carpet next to us, stared at me too. She said you will be happy. You will grow old and have children. You will be well educated.

"Oh, and that big change you had recently? What was it? Did you move, did you get a new job?"

"It was a boy"

"Forget him. Move on. He's no good."

Jump to 21. A friend and I were stuck in Palm Coast for the summer and bored out of our minds. We passed a magic store next to the old Picture Show III. Going in we find your usual dream catchers and wolf tee shirts. It smelled like patchouli and we nudged each other with elbows as we looked at the wands and the "My other car is a broom" bumper stickers. Low level pagan stuff, an apothecary in the back.

The woman who owned the shop, long gray pony tail, pallid skin, offered to do our numerology. We sat down and she told my friend Aria, a women's study major at a liberal arts college that doesn't give out grades, that she was made for science. She also probably loved travel so she should look into being an astronaut.

Then she turned to me. I gave her my birthdate and some other facts I can't remember now. She told me I was very very shy. She told me I never spoke out of turn or gave my opinion. "Work on that," she said. She then told me I was a dancer and should pursue that.

Aria and I laughed all the way home.

This isn't a post on how wack-a-doodle Wiccans are. If you believe in the beauty of nature, and that everything has a spirit and a place in this Earth, more power to you.

To me, these stories are what I think of when times get a little rough. There are no cheats! People can do hard things and they don't need magic. They have something more then that- they have intelligence and gut instinct. It's got me this far and I'm sure it will bring me further still I get my magical fix playing Pottermore.

Pictured above is the cute boy the psychic told me to forget. I married him anyway.

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